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At, our mission is to provide foreign investors the opportunity to accomplish their objective of gaining permanent residency in the United States through financial investment in their new community. We offer our clients a suite of services that simplifies the EB-5 immigration process.  From direct access to immigration attorneys, to viable projects to invest in creating sustainable jobs, we at are dedicated to our clients’ desire of achieving the American Dream. (VRC) is an investment firm specializing in real estate development, renewable energy exploration and development, high-speed internet and telephony services, and technology infrastructure build-out for rural and urban communities within the State of Nevada.

passportsVRC is in the process of gaining admittance into the EB-5 Program, overseen by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This federal designation will enable VRC to assist foreign nationals in obtaining permanent residency inside the United States through their participation in the EB-5 Program.

One of the main benchmarks of the EB-5 Program is the infusion of foreign capital into the United States to stimulate job growth. This capital is used to invest into U.S.-based businesses. With an investment of $500,000 into a business operating within a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), 10 jobs must be created. If the business is outside a TEA, the investment is $1 million for every 10 jobs created.

VRC was founded by Marty Mizrahi, a long-time Las Vegas resident possessing over 25 years of experience in starting and operating businesses in many different industries. During this time, Marty successfully started one of the largest independently-owned internet service providers in the State of Nevada, partnered with several media companies, and operated a large paging and cellular communications network.

Contrary to popular belief, Nevada is a state of economic diversity. It is the largest producer of gold and second-largest producer of silver in the United States. Multi-national corporations such as Tesla and Apple, and Amazon has major operations here; with Switch operating the world’s largest data center between Nevada’s two largest cities. Nevada is business-friendly (charges no corporate income tax), has low taxes in comparison to other states, nice year-round weather, and affordable.

VRC is based in Las Vegas, Nevada; the entertainment capital of the world. With over 2 million people (and growing); Las Vegas is an internationally-known and recognized city. 45 million+ people will visit Las Vegas this year, with over 9 million of those visitors from abroad.