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data-center-las-vegas-1LV.Net High-speed Internet Rural Expansion Project

Goal: Expand LV.Net wireless infrastructure throughout rural communities within the State of Nevada

Currently, LV.Net provides service to all of the outlying areas and rural communities in Southern Nevada. It would like to extend this service throughout the rest of the state, where reliable high-speed internet is not economically-feasible for much larger companies to provide. Currently less than 80% of rural residents in Nevada have access to any form of internet yet alone high-speed internet. LV.Net’s goal is to ensure 100% of the population has access to high-speed internet, regardless of location.

LasVegas.Net Hotel

Goal: Renovate an existing non-gaming hotel in an economically-depressed and blighted area

Formally the Claremont Hotel and Blue Moon Resort, LasVegas.Net Hotel is a planned 138-room boutique hotel located less than a mile from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and 2 miles from Downtown Las Vegas. Currently both the hotel and resort are closed and has been shuttered for over a year. Unemployment is high, with the rate exceeding 155% of the national average. The opening of LasVegas.Net Hotel will help to change that by creating jobs, thereby stimulating economic activity in the area.